Team Profile

Project Name: Limitless eLearning: beyond the classroom

‍Public Contact Details

Name: Annelieske Noteboom
Role in the project: Project Manager
Phone: 08 9239 8352

Other team members: Jenni Hull; Julie Manning; Julie Ogle; David Broomfield; Sharon Stewart

‍Project Profile:

‍What is the problem or opportunity you are addressing in this project?

Teaching Resources at Challenger's new Nursing facility at Murdoch Campus include high-tech simulation "patients". To access these facilities, aged care/nursing students based at the Mandurah campus in the Peel region have to travel a 120 km return journey. This project addresses the issues of distance from learning centres and access to sophisticated resources.

‍Who are the learners and how will they benefit from this project?

This project will pilot streaming technology which will enable the Peel aged care/nursing students to view live skills demonstrations by lecturers at Murdoch in real time, including two way communication between students and lecturers. The demonstration videos will be available for students as asynchronous resources.

‍How are you currently delivering this training? (ie prior to the project)

Currently the training is delivered by lecturers in the home campus, ie Murdoch and Mandurah.

How will your project demonstrate the power of broadband to enhance outcomes for learners?

Broadband technology will allow fast live streaming of video demonstrations to students throughout the Peel region, who may currently travel to Mandurah and/or Murdoch for their nursing/aged care training.

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Challenger, streaming, video, nursing, aged-care




Monthly Project Update

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Project Update
January 2012

The IS director is researching the streaming technologies. WestOne Services will provide assistance with selection of video cameras. The Aged care/nursing lecturers are on leave until 30th January.

February 2012
The Laerdal technician has setup the technology for the SimMan PC, the Instructor PC, the AVS system and the debriefing PC. He also trained the Nursing & IS staff in using the system. The AVS PC will be the Webex moderator's machine. IS is creating Webex accounts for team members. When this is done we will trial Webex with Simman demonstrations in real time.
March 2012
Challenger has a licence for one instance of the Webex Training Room & several for Meeting Room.
21 March:Damon Wallace & I practiced using Webex, whose functions are similar to Elluminate. Differences include the way in which participants use the audio.
22 March: Damon & I joined Glenn Robinson, the IS Director, in a Webex meeting with Nitin Gaur from CISCO, who explained more about Webex's functionality. Meeting Room works with mobile devices, whereas Training Room doesn't yet.
28 March: We used the Webex Meeting Room to trial streaming the video from the SimMan at Murdoch Campus to devices including Glenn's ipad, my desktop in the Nursing staff room & CISCO in Sydney. The video stream was successful but there was no audio from the Simman demonstration into the receiving AVS PC. Julie Manning is making arrangements with the audio consultant to rectify this.
Attendees at the trial: Julie Manning, Julie Ogle (Simman specialist), Glenn Robinson, Damon Wallace, Nick Eoannidis (IT specialist), Annelieske Noteboom
April 2012
April was a time of non-contact weeks (students); staff leave; professional development days and waiting for the audio for Simman to be fixed.
May 2012

June 2012
We held our final trial on Tuesday 12 June 2012. On the previous day the Peel Campus was closed due to lack of power caused by wild weather on the weekend, so we had a few anxious moments wondering if our trial would go ahead.

The team at Murdoch included three IS staff, two nursing staff and the graduating EN student who demonstrated SimMan's functions. The nursing lecturer responded to questions from the students.

At Peel were the Director Hospitality and Human Services, Proejct Manager, Learning Technologies Officer, three aged care lecturers, the IS technician and the aged care students.

The streaming was successful, with a clear video image although the aduio lacked clarity, which may have been due to the quality of the speakers.

The students were enthusiastic and asked intelligent questions. They all agreed that live streaming clinical demosntrations would enhance their learning.

This trial demonstrated that streaming live video across Challenger's campuses is viable, even without NBN.