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Project Name: Growing our Future Growing the NBN like.jpg

Project Case Study

Project Contact Details:

Name: Chris Toselli

Role in the project: Joint Project Manager and e-learning specialist


Phone: 0447 376 519

Name: Marcus Ragus
Role in the project: Joint Project Manager, e-learning specialist and horticultural learning specialist
Phone: 0488 257 263 Mobile: 0488 257 263

Other team members:

Jane Grosvenor

Project Profile:

‍What is the problem or opportunity you are addressing in this project?

The project partners project outcomes are:
  • To develop a working model and case study to guide and influence future frameworks for learning using the NBN and superfast broadband. The case study and model will be framed in such a way as to provide “implementation tips” and “lessons learned” for future implementations of similar learning models by others.
  • Demonstrate how the NBN and superfast broadband technologies can be used practically to provide real learning experiences even in an outdoor environment.
  • Demonstrate that delivery and assessment can be achieved through the use of a scalable model - initially implemented across Tasmania.
  • Demonstrate student engagement, participation and attainment by opportunities on a scale not previously available.

‍Who are the learners and how will they benefit from this project?

As a focus, this project will allow for the delivery of a large VET program (horticultural focused) to geographically dispersed learners (15yrs to 19yrs) throughout Tasmania by demonstrating the effectiveness of high speed broadband based technologies for training.

‍How are you currently delivering this training? (ie prior to the project)

Current delivery is by attendance at each of the training centres around the state with no or limited access to Horticulturalist specialists from the RTBG or state wide collaborative interactions.

How will your project demonstrate the power of broadband to enhance outcomes for learners?

Using broadband to provide an enhanced online learning experience including improved access to specialists in real time for learners.

‍Please list 5 key words (comma separated) that people can use to find your project

RTBG, Horticulture, VET in Schools, Interactive, Engagement

Monthly Project Update

please complete one or two paragraphs each month to provide an update of your project
Project Update
January 2012
  • Prepared 2012 project calendar of activities in consultation with stakeholders
  • Prepared course information and check lists for to learners prior to enrolment
  • Confirmed how any learner requirements need to be accounted for
  • Finalised agreement including roles and responsibilities of stakeholders
  • Prepared for induction event
  • Confirmed resources (human, financial and physical), delivery and assessment requirements
  • Confirmed LMS and NBN protocols and requirements
  • Confirmed pastoral care requirements
  • Began storyboarding of unit content taking account of NBN opportunities for learning
  • Began instructional design, learning content, media and graphic design brief and requirements
  • Confirmed final NBN technical implementation strategies including technologies to be used and trialled
  • Prepared and submitted project milestones and tasks, signed contracts, wiki updates
February 2012
  • Confirmed learner requirements
  • Confirm resources, delivery and assessment requirements
  • LMS configured and deployed
  • RTO Compliance and administration
  • Storyboarding of unit content and Instructional design
  • Learning content development commenced
  • Develop media and graphic design brief
  • Animator engaged and working on first animation for the project
  • Technical strategy developed/confirmed and trialled with ICT and VET in Schools and RTBG contacts and project team
  • Lesson Plan Development commenced
  • Milestones, Task and Output template completed and submitted to Fiona
  • Baseline Data Collected at induction/orientation
  • Team Profile Page (VET in schools teachers show how to and encouraged to join the wiki and update)
  • Check lists and action plans for readiness and connectivity
  • Learner and trainer feedback and improvement survey participant identification confirmation
  • Trainer and assessor familiarisation/induction/orientation day/professional development (see our Facebook page)
  • Student Induction of project in schools by VET teachers
  • Online Meeting with NBN projects
  • Project Management and administration management for this month
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media article in the Tasmanian Country

March 2012
Delivery of training on the following has been undertaken over the NBN with content available through the LMS. This has included videoing and recording the audio of each session.
Propagating Plants
  • Seed basics
  • Pricking out seedlings and pottings
  • Producing plants from cuttings
Soil Basics
  • Types of soils
  • Improving soils
  • PH and Soil dispersion
  • Organic Matter
Physical visits to Circular Head Christian School (2 visits), Geneva and Hilliard have had 1 visit each.
Technology delivery (wireless technologies, iPads, and audio hardware) and installation of iPad app (GoToMeeting) trials occured prior to the commencement of delivery.
NBN link now working in the RTBG (please contact for technical details.
April 2012
Wow ... another month of fun, learning and excitement using the physical grounds and spaces of the three schools and RTBG and technology.
Some small delays with some of our new technology components as we trialled some different lapel and usb microphones and headsets and the new GoToMeeting iPad App which allows for screen sharing and much more. Working a treat now!
School holidays for schools (Easter) meant that the project practical aspect slowed down (but not the technical) some of the delivery and one school is also on a 4 term year which needed to be facilitated... all back now!
Our delivery program included learning about:
  • Composting and Soil organics
  • Hot composting
  • No dig gardens
  • Improving soils with green manure
May 2012
This months presentations provided a fabulous opportunity for the northern students to join the southern students for an onsite practical activity extraordinaire at the Botanical Gardens. No-dig gardens was the session content for the day with students from nodig with iPad.JPG
Geneva and Hilliard schools demonstrating their skills in putting together a no dig garden bed.
The session was videoed by individual students using their iPads, with the intention that the video will be brought together by the project and then made available to those who could not attend the day.
kids with ipads.JPG
It was great to see so many of the students engaging in the days activities whether it was with the horticulture, videoing or both. It was a great way to finalise some of the learning's of the pilot, and for the students to be able to meet each other and to be able to be creative with the technology and extend the potentials of the NBN.

June 2012