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Executive Summary


In this section you should provide some detail about your organisation, your business partner if applicable, the project team, what your project is about, why it was needed and how your relationship with your business partner was formed. You could also tell the reader what might have happened if your project had not been funded.
Illawarra Institute
Partnering with Armidale Institute
Illawarra Institute has developed an on-line e-facilitated course using the MOODLE platform to deliver the Diploma of Children's Services qualification (18208) from the CHC08 Training package. The delivery is across the Illawrra Institute from Helensburgh to Bega and out to Cooma. As part of this course, students are required to log on to a chat session twice a week, email their teachers, use instant messaging on the MOODLE site and talk to their teachers via the telephone. There has been considerable difference between the quality of internet access for learners who live in different parts of the Institute catchment area. Learners have complained of internet dropping out, of slow uploads and downloads and of difficulty logging on. Many of our learners are ADSL2 and above but some are still on dial up.

Consequences of this frustration are listed below
Some learners could not get on to do the work required
Some learners could not download photostories, videos, podcasts that are on the MOODLE as learning resources and therefore quality is compromised.
Some learners were frustrated and are negative about the on-line experience.

This project, explored the use of the NBN within this training environment to deliver a single unit from the Diploma of Children's Services qualification.
The staff delivering the unit online are based in the Illawarra Institute and the learner cohort is from New England Institute. We have chosen this combination as one of the NBN early release sites is in Kiama Downs (an area within the Illawarra TAFE Institute) and we will be delivering to students in Armidale - also an NBN ealy release site.
We will be conducting three trials of the use of Adobe Connect as a way of comparing how the NBN affects delivery compared to a standard (ADSL2+) connection (see project update below).

What was done

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Benefits experienced by

In this section tell your reader about your experience, what you learnt as you worked on the project and how this can be translated into skills, future personal development, benefits to the organisation, the learner etc.
When we commenced the project, we included too many outputs for a project delivered over 6 months and a budget in kind of $50,000. We began to realise the cost would blow out if we invested funds into telepresence systems such as those provided by Cisco. We needed to rethink the project and the software we would be utilising.
Decisions were made around the following
  • Availlability through the TAFE portal system
  • Ease of use for learners and teacher
  • Support available for the software
  • Trackability. That is, can the communication between learners and teachers and larners and learners be tracked for auditing purposes and as an appendix to the final NBN report.
A decision was made on 25th January to use Adobe connect and investigate the use of Skype for individual contacts between learners and teachers

Lessons learnt

What were the key lessons learnt during the project? It is a good idea to keep an issues register to records issues that surface during project. You can then use this to help you identify the key lessons learnt and how you might overcome and plan for situations next time.
Be clear on the scope of the project. We are not developing a product. We are focussing on testing the power of broadband in a training environment.

The results

What were the key outcomes of your project? How did you analyse the success and failures of your project. How did you capture your experiences of your learners, workplaces etc?
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Project Outputs

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