NB107: Beef Industry Stocktake Reef eLearning Package
Media Release: Beef Industry has a steak in e-learning
Newspaper article: QLD Rural Weekly
Online article: Meat Trade News Daily

NB 115: Essential Energy
Media Release: Online learning powers energy industry

NB 117: Smart Medicine
Media Release: Online learning supports carers
Online article: Community Services & Health industry Skills Council

NB125: Virtually Enterprising
Media Release: Virtual trade shows inspire students

NB128: Training through NBN: Australia - The World!
Media Release: Regional Students benefit from NBN rollout

NB131: Remote Skills Acquisition for Fire Investigators
Media Release: Fire crews go online for new skills
Radio Interview: Dr Kym Turnball and Tim Holt, Presenter ABC South East NSW
Newspaper article: Sydney Morning Herald (12/5/12)
Blog: NBN Co.

NB141: Construction Safety Training Simulator
Media Release: OHS game offers interactive e-learning
Newspaper article: Sydney Morning Herald (12/5/12)
Newspaper article: The Saturday Age, Melbourne (12/5/12)

NB147: Assessment for Learning
Media Release: Cultural awareness helps tourists feel at home
Online article: EatDrink.com.au (5//4/12)

NB152: Taking Safety Serioulsy through Computer Gameplay
Media Release: Computer games deliver OHS certification
Online article: BPN

NB163: Hats off to the NBN
Media Release: Hats off for the NBN
Online article: VELG Training
Online article: ComputerWorld

NB168: Design Industry partnerships through the NBN
Media Release: Learning Environment keeps up with students

NB174: NBN VET Together
Media Release: NBN enables online hospitality training
Newspaper article: Tasmanian Country 3rd May

NB178: NBN Speed on Wheels
Media Release: Mobile learning boosts Tassie apprentices
Magazine article: EatDrink.com.au
Online article: Tasmanian Times
Newspaper article: The Mercury
Newspaper article: Burnie Advocate (Text version here)

NB180: NBN bridges horticultural gap
Media Release: NBN bridges horticultural gap
Newspaper article Tasmanian Country (Pages 16 & 17)
Campaign Advertisement: The Australian Government (DBCDE)

NB183: Limitless e-learning: beyond the classroom
Media Release: Remote nursing students benefit from e-learning technology
Online article: theNursingPost
Magazine article: Challenger Institute

NB187: vStream
Media Release: RTOs use NBN to bridge time and distance gap

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