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Project Name: HWNS Smart Medicine

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Name: Kate Kempshall
Role in the project: Project Manager
Phone: (02) 9452 8726

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Anthony Prichard, Andy Lamb & Gary Watkins

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It is vital that our staff are competent in the administration of medication to the clients that we support. Training is required on the first day of employment and in many cases we face great challenges to deliver this trainig to remote areas. This will provide an environment they are able to deal with more comfortably and give a greater opportunity to interact via distance.

‍Who are the learners and how will they benefit from this project?

The learners are internal Community Services support worker staff who on a daily basis care and maintain for clients and as such a vital part of their role is to be competent in the administration of medication for these clients. Understanding charts, medications and administration is a crucial daily practice.

‍How are you currently delivering this training? (ie prior to the project)

We currently deliver this training Face to Face. In remote areas,sometimes it is difficult to gather groups of people together at the same time, this becomes costly due to trainers, travel, accomodation and in some instances not time effective.Our students have access to online learning but in most cases only have access to the trainers via email if they have any questions with regards to thir assessments.

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Currently we

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HWNS, Medication, Remote, Community Services, CHCCS305A

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Project Update
January 2012
Initial Strategy Meeting Held - December. A delivery Strategy was proposed to ensure that training components for a Live
streaming delivery met the AQTF requirements. We have now included a pre-assessment survey & DVD to ensure basic understanding of learners prior knowledge, inclusive of online unit and practicle competency using streaming. It was determined that a hard copy of doccumentation would be also needed to ensure correct visibility of content.
It was discovered that all but one of our sites do not fall within the NBN catchment areas. NBN is only available in the outskirts of Townsville and Wollongong and HWNS sites are in the main centres. Armidale it seems is the only site that we are able to run the project but, at this stage not having heard back from our ISP provider the cost could blow out by thousands $$$$$$.
February 2012
  • As Armidale is a new region for HWNS we are still in the process of fitting out office with technology to enable the trial o
  • Baseline Data Collection
  • Trail of Go-To Meeting as access point.
March 2012
  • Pre-course Surveys and enrolment forms sent to Students
  • Enrolment forms completed
April 2012
  • Visited Batemans Bay office for technology set up
May 2012
  • Medication blister packs ordered for competency of training
June 2012