Team profile

Contact person/s:
Adi Glancy
Project Manager
Phone: 03 9564 1813

Cristy Tessier
Project Officer
Phone: 03 9564 1565

The project team

From left: Michele van Eeden, Senior Educator; Jenny Horwill, Head of Department; Adi Glancy, Project Manager; and Cristy Tessier, Project Officer


Trial and Error
Cyndi Setia, Creative Director
Sarah Oliver, Creative Director

Support staff

Jamie Sunderland, AARNet; Chath Balasooriya, Technical Services; Rein Kivivali, Design Arts; Paul Douglas, Multimedia; and
Evan Bellos, AARNet

A huge "thank you" to AARNet, in particular Jamie Sunderland for his time, support and assistance!

Project profile

What is the problem or opportunity you are addressing in this project?

The strength of the NBN provides a collaborative learning approach by allowing students to share and construct knowledge through interactive video conferencing with graphic art and design industry practitioners. This project addresses the curriculum for the unit of competency VPAU015 Plan and implement a project in the workplace. Video conferencing will assist in maintaining and enhancing industry relationships to ensure course content remains relevant and that students are kept up to date and immersed in the fast paced changing industry.

‍Who are the learners and how will they benefit from this project?

This project targets Holmesglen students enrolled in the Diploma and/or Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design. These students need real and visual stimulation to ensure they collect all relevant information for development and refinement of the broad and complex range of specialised knowledge and skills required as a graphic design professional.

‍How are you currently delivering this training?

Holmesglen currently invite leading industry specialists to speak with students, and occasionally groups will conduct a workplace visit. To enhance student learning, video conferencing will extend the opportunity to engage and access more graphic specialists.

How will your project demonstrate the power of broadband to enhance outcomes for learners?

We envisage the connection of video conferencing (no lag, no choppiness or echo) that can be demonstrated through the power of broadband, together with the exciting and interactive sessions we have planned, will provide our students with an engaging and motivating educational experience.

Using video conferencing as a delivery method offers our graphic design students with real and visual stimulation through interaction with industry practitioners. This involvement will create robust discussions with one significant outcome - immediate feedback on the work presented.

key words: video conferencing; graphic design; graphic art; design studio; Holmesglen; industry partnerships; NBN

Monthly project update

Project update
January 2012
  • Initial research requirements (NBN, AARNet, bandwidths, video conferencing) and project planning completed
  • Commenced communications with Technology Services and Design departments
  • Graphic design practice and Creative Directors (industry-experts) sourced and confirmed
February 2012
  • Baseline data collection, including pre-surveys, completed
  • Visited AARNet offices for an Introduction to AARNet Video Services
  • Brunswick site confirmed, connection to NBN in progress
  • Operational readiness plan template confirmed
  • Measurement tools for outcomes confirmed
  • Structure of delivery confirmed
  • Video conferencing applications and equipment further researched
  • Delivery of logistics / sessional plan confirmed
March 2012
  • Brunswick site NBN installation date confirmed
  • Internal post student survey developed
  • Internal pre student survey developed and completed
  • 'Video Conferencing User Guide' drafted
  • Attendance at online national meeting
  • Technical support staff confirmed and meeting held
  • Schedule/Plan developed and distributed to support staff
  • FLAG pre-survey (for students, for teacher) completed
  • Video conferencing set-up and test completed and successful
  • Delivery of Session 1 completed and successful using video conferencing hardware system at each end point - connecting via AARNet's MCU (AARNet office to Holmesglen Chadstone classroom)
April 2012
  • Project team meeting, updates communicated
  • Flights and accommodation organised for end of project showcase at the 2012 Skills Tasmania Conference
  • Brunswick site NBN connected
  • Planning for delivery of Session 2 completed (including a contingency plan). Note: delivery differs from Session 1 where we used a video conferencing hardware system at each end point. Session 2 will be delivered from an NBN site using a video conferencing desktop client on a Mac laptop, and a hardware system in the classroom as a preferred option
  • Project team were visited by Fiona Huskinson (Business Activity Manager, Skills Tasmania)
  • Delivery of Session 2 completed. Technical issues experienced, however end result using Skype client
    (Plan C) meant that delivery was successful in terms of student interaction with industry practitioners and testing the NBN connection
May 2012
  • Delivery of Session 3 completed
  • Project manager and project officer attended end of project dinner and conference
  • Internal post student survey completed
  • FLAG post-survey (for students, for teacher) completed
  • Internal pre and post student surveys evaluated
  • Case study draft completed
June 2012
  • Overview of session information completed
  • Project completed

Overview of session information